Fernbrook Nursery, Inc.

United States

     Fernbrook Nursery is located  in central NJ, or home base is in Chesterfield, NJ. We ship to the mid Atlantic and New England regions or material can be picked up at our yard. With over 350 acres of field production we grow many shade trees, flowering trees, and conifers including American Holly. Our blend of plants inludes both native and nonnative species and many deer resistant varieties. 

 While specializing in Native Decidous Azaleas and Rhodendron, our 6 acre container yard has many varities of boxwood, Luecothoe, and Kalmia to name a few. We also grow a line of native and nonnative trees in containers great for many different projects.

You can contact us at phone 609-298-8282, fax 609-298-4391 and email Tanya@fernbrookfarms.com.

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