Andersen Farms

Homestead,  FL 
United States

Andersen Farms began in Homestead, FL over a decade ago.  Eric Andersen, the Founder and Owner, saw opportunity in the flourishing area of the Redland farmland and started his 10-acre shade house growing the highest quality Boston fern hanging baskets.  With his passion and focus on producing the best plants, Eric realized the need to expand his product line year-round.  Eric built his team, partnerships with customers and suppliers as what it is today.  With 10 locations in Homestead with over 124 acres of production, Andersen Farms offers a wide variety of potted 6” and 10” Premium Interior Tropical Foliage, 12” Patio Collection as well as Hanging baskets.  Seasonal crops include nearly a million ferns and more than a quarter million majesty palms.  

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