Tidal Creek Growers

United States

Tidal Creek Growers is a wholesale plant production company servicing the mid atlantic area. Our mission is to provide high quality finished plant material to independent garden centers and landscapers. We have multiple facilities growing a wide variety of plants through out the year, to be able to continue to deliver fresh product all year round. 

Our website is enabled with a live availability, therefore it is linked directly to our availability, and updated every 3 minutes. When you place an order on our website, you're sent a confirmation with in minutes. The confirmation you recieve is accurate, you know exactly what you will be recieving on your delivery. To set up your online account go to Tidalcreekgrowers.com

For more information please email sales@tidalcreekgrowers.com or AmyT@tidalcreekgrowers.com

Brands: Ashly's Annuals- premium line of 1quart annuals. Chef Jeff's- vegetables, and herbs in 804, 4i, 6i. Grace's Garden- 1 gal perennials featuring many natives, grasses, and ferns. Proven winners

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