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Mprise Agriware delivers for more than 15 years powerful, integrated software based on Microsoft Dynamics for the horticulture industry that ensures efficient and effective management & operation. We enjoy helping our customers to achieve improvements in planning, purchasing, sales, finance, inventory management, and production. With Agriware 365 you get a grip on your entire greenhouse management and operations. That way you can prevent errors, improve quality and maximize your margins.

  1. Complete ERP Software platform for Horticulture

  2. Integrate various data sources for better insights

  3. In-depth sector knowledge and experience 

What insights has Agriware for growers to offer: 

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  • Ball FloraPlant President Mike Klopmeyer gave us a glimpse of the future:

    “The software will make an immediate and long term impact on our production farms and give us a foundation for success for many years. In the next several years, we will build a new farm in Mexico and this will allow us to transfer the technology and programming easily. We will have a production management platform that will be customized for us giving us security in running efficient production farms.”

    Ball Horticultural Company has completed a successful implementation of the first of three sites of the Agriware 365 Business management software implementation. Ball CIO Kevin Lutz is very pleased with the implementation: “This successful go-live is impactful for the people at Ball. We were able to make a 100% cutover from the old to the new system, and meet all our production and shipping targets on-time.”


  • Agriware 365 Analytics
    Most Advanced Analytics overview for every greenhouse & nursery. Get insights in accurate Costing, sales, production planning, production forecast, traceability, climate, and much more....

  • Everyone logs data, but what do you actually do with it? With Agriware 365 Analytics you can elevate the planning and operation of your production horticulture business to a higher level.

    Clear insights based on data enable people in the company to make better decisions more quickly. Ready-to-use dashboards linked to Agriware 365 Business Central, Agriware 365 Operations and to other data sources in the sector, provide direct insight. 
    1. Combine various data sources (like Priva)
    2. Visualize data and turn insights into action
    3. Discover trends and develop predictive models

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