Texpak, Inc.

United States

Texpak is a leading supplier of product identifiers including slip-ons, pot stakes and pressure sensitive labels.   We are the exclusive Northeast distributor for the SATO horticultural division.  Texpak prints and provides 4 color process labels and tags as well as blank and partially preprinted items.  We have developed unique products used by many growers including the Rack Clip which attaches tags to carts and a system to group multiple plant containers together as a single unit retail sales.  We sell a wide variety of thermal transfer and color printers to imprint slip-on, pot stakes and labels as well as the software used with these printers.   We are now working with growers on RFID systems which permit them to easily locate plants and quickly identify items before shipping to customers.  Our sales staff regularly visits and works with customers on product identification issues.

Brands: Exclusive Northeast distributor for SATO horticultural division.

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