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United States has been helping garden centers sell more plants for 20+ years with cost-effective signage solutions and websites

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Our plant library of 30,000+ records and more than 120,000 images is the best in the industry. Garden Centers from coast-to-coast and throughout Canada use the online system to create:

Additionally have other sign solutions to help garden centers sell more plants, including:

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Brands:, COLMET, Multi-Purpose Stake

 Show Specials

  • Save 25% on all large garden center signage

    Applies to all stock 47"x12", 18"x36", 24x36" and large coroplast, vinyl and mesh banners.

    Prices start at $13.80!

    GCM Signage Membership - $295 with Show Special

    For Bench Cards, Hangtags, Adhesive Pot Labels and more. Annual subscriptons are normally $395/year. Sign up at the booth and save $100 instantly.
    • Unlimited plants in your personal library
    • Ability to add your own plants from scratch
    • Download 5x7 for FREE! (Non-subscribers pay $3.00)
    • Download 7x11 for FREE! (Non-subscribers pay $5.00)
    • Download 8-Up Pot Label for FREE! (Not available for non-subscribers)
    • Download 6-Up Hang Tag for FREE! (Not available for non-subscribers)
    • Order 5x7 and 7x5 for $0.95 per card (Non-subscribers pay $3.70)
    • Order 7x11 and 11x7 for $1.95 per card (Non-subscribers pay $5.95)
    • Order 8-Up Pot Label for $0.19 per label (Not available for non-subscribers)
    • Order 6-Up Hang Tags for $0.24 for single-sided and $0.37 for double-sided tags  (Not available for non-subscribers)
    • Save 10% automatically on all standard Coroplast and Vinyl signs. 
    • Free Ground Shipping in the continental US on all standard Coroplast and Vinyl sign orders of $200+


  • Sign Toppers
    Sign Toppers draw attention to select plants and are 100% waterproof. Printed with commercial grade UV-resistant ink.

    Slides in easily in 7" wide face plates....

  • Drive sales with focused messaging

    Utilize sign toppers to draw attention to selected plants. The sign topper is made out of styrene so they are 100% waterproof. They are printed with commercial grade UV-resistant ink to last. 

    They slide in easily in 7" wide face plates even those that have a tab on the top. After sliding in the sign topper, you can easily slide in the 7"x5" bench card securing it with the tabs on the sides and bottom.

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