Bennett Plants

Heflin,  AL 
United States

Bennett plants is a wholesale horticulture company based in Alabama that specializes in succulent products. Known for our unique handmade pottery and high quality succulents, we ship to 48 states and Canada. A family run operation with over 35 years exeprience, Bennett Plants is your source for high quality succulent related products.  

With succulents as the focal point, LITEStone Arrangements™ are containers handcrafted using stone to accent the natural beauty of the plants. The beautiful arrangements start out from the highest quality cuttings, sourced from our own private stock plants. Those cuttings are then out into the beautiful arrangements. Our pottery is a special blend of lightweight concrete handmade by our employees. Pitted and cracked by design, LITEStone Pottery™ adds a measure of character and style that is uncommon in the marketplace. The "look" created is the secret appeal to all of our LITEStone™ products. 

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