Mariner Business Solutions

United States

Mariner Business Solutions provides a full-featured Point of Sale (POS)/Inventory Management solution specifically designed for the Garden Center Industry - Mariner GreenPoint.

The integration of customized features, powered by the NCR Inventory Engine, provides the best company-wide solution for Garden Centers, Wholesale/Nurseries and Landscape companies. These features include:

  • complete point of sale solution
  • live inventory tracking
  • customizable reports
  • monitoring retail sales activity
  • customer database management/loyalty programs
  • branded bench/stake signage
  • grow cycle tracking and plant movement
  • online labor scheduling/timeclock management
  • text messaging/email marketing
  • analytics dashboard
  • mobile alerting

MBS can also create an eCommerce site that’s fully integrated with your brick and mortar GreenPoint database.

Best of all, Mariner GreenPoint is fully scalable to meet your needs as your business grows.

Brands: Mariner GreenPoint, NCR

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