Kennedy Concrete, Inc.

United States

Four generations of Kennedys have brought new innovations and products to the WORLD OF CONCRETE. LM Kennedy, Great-Grandfather of Dr. Paul E. Kennedy (our current CEO), started a concrete manufacturing tradition in Vineland, NJ over 80 years ago that lives on in every product that rolls out of our Plant in Ashland, PA today.  For over 32 years now we have been wetcasting quality accent products that add value to countless outdoor living projects.  Those products include: our signature BLUE MOUNTAIN STONE LINE, a time tested SIMULATE of PA BLUE STONE with over 22 years of proven results; and our new TIMBERLINE, of beautiful and durable SIMULATED WOOD PRODUCTS. These lines along with our Fire Pits, Garden Benches, Landscape Steps, Step Kits, Step Kits with Landings, Step Treads, Slate Table Tops, Wall Caps, Pillar/Pier Caps (in Flat Top, Light Top and Peaked Profiles), are readily recognized in the northeast and noted among designers and contractors for their design, durability and quality.  Our proprietary concrete mix design is independent laboratory tested to take 8-10,000 psi of pressure.  Our color is in the mix so it runs through the entire product.  

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