Johnston's Evergreen Nursery, Inc.

United States

Growers of quality landscape size, cold hardy plants including shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees; deciduous, evergreen, and broadleaf shrubs; perennials and ornamental grasses.  We grow field and container produced plant material with our container material grown in pots utilizing a copper compound to prevent circling roots.  Our container trees are individually drip irrigated and produced in the Pot-in-Pot system of growing, eliminating tipping damage and root temperature stress. Large, B&B trees are spring dug and held in real soil, drip irrigated, and spaced to grow in rows for ease of selection for summer sales. We pride ourselves not just in our beautiful plants, but in our top-notch customer service.  Pick up at our nursery or we can organize shipping.  We are a family farm growing on 450 acres 9 miles from the southern shore of Lake Erie in zone 4/5.  Conveniently located 3 miles south off I-90 at Exit 35/Harborcreek, PA.  Just 35 miles east from the Ohio line and 14 miles west of the New York line.  We are 14 miles east of I-79/I-90 junction, which is 130 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA.  Brokers available.  Established 1953 (see our website) password: jenplants

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