Mycorrhizal Applications, LLC

United States

Mycorrhizal Applications LLC (MA) is the world’s leading supplier of mycorrhizal soil inoculant products, as well as the master distributor for a suite of additional biological and botanical plant support products for the horticulture industry. MA leads mycorrhizal fungi research and production for products used to promote root mass expansion, nutrient efficiency, and water acquisition to optimize plant health, performance, and vigor. MA's MycoApply® line of mycorrhizal inoculants, as well as Actinovate® biological fungicides, ProGibb®CytoFlor™, & ConShape™ plant growth regulators, and MGK® botanical insecticides, are utilized by greenhouses, nurseries, landscapers, forest nurseries, Christmas tree farmers, restoration/erosion control specialists, soil media manufacturers, and professional horticulturalists to maximize plant success and improve return on investment. 

At Mycorrhizal Applications, we harness the power and wisdom of natural systems to promote living soils and increase quality, productivity, and health in all industries involving soils, plants, and people.

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Brands: MycoApply®, Actinovate®, PyGanic®, Azera®, EverGreen®, ProGibb®, CytoFlor™, ConShape™

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