May Nursery

United States

The agricultural roots of the May family start in the 19th century in north Florida. In the 1820’s the senior Mays’ great grandfather settled here from Virginia. For generations of the May family worked the land producing shade tobacco for cigar wrappers.

In the late 1960s it became evident the production of shade tobacco in Gadsden Cty was going to become victim to international growers, specifically to growers in Honduras.

In September 1971, after a year of research and many sleepless nights, the senior Mays, Don Sr. & Fount Sr., made the difficult decision to abandon the way of life they and their ancestors had known.  Converting one of 3 farms to a nursery, they forged ahead.

What they began has been nurtured & increased by their sons, Fount Jr., Don Jr., Bradford & Fred into 230 acres of container grown woody ornamentals.

In 2018 the next generation of Mays assumed leadership.  Brothers Ashley (Secretary) and Richard (President), & cousins John Bradford (VP) & Joel are now the daily operation of the nursery. Through their guidance May Nursery now grows over 400 plant species, varieties, and cultivars with an emphasis on evergreens, flowering shrubs, perennials and grasses.

Brands: Proven Winners, Gardeners Confidence, Southern Living, Encore, Knock out Roses, Drift Roses,

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