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Founded in 2006, NurserySource was created to address the challenges associated with growing containerized plant and tree material. Solid wall pots create circling roots which eventually strangle plants and trees grown in them. We designed the RediRoot system as an affordable and effective solution to address that problem. Since then, we have expanded to a full line of root development products.

At RediRoot we are committed to helping all kinds of growers achieve stronger healthier roots leading to plants and trees that stand the tests of time and produce greater yields. This is why we work directly with growers- learning more every day about how they grow, why they grow, and what they need to achieve better results.

NurserySource has always been concerned about the amount of plastic used in the green industry which is why RediRoot products are manufactured using recycled materials. Rather than add more plastic to our wastestream, NurserySource is committed to reusing materials whenever possible. We are proud of our commitment to the environment and work hard to be a responsible part of the green industry. 

Healthy roots are a must-have for healthy plants and that’s why we say, “Roots Don’t Lie!”

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