Connecticut Mulch Distributors, Inc

United States

Connecticut Mulch Distributors, Inc. has started a NEW BAGGED MULCH division!  The Lindelands are taking their 46 years of experience, customer service and exceptional quality in the mulch business and placing it in a bag.  

Connecticut Mulch has installed the most advanced bagging machine, a highly advanced robotic palletizer and a fully automated wrapping machine in order to deliver you the best bags possible under our new product line, Connecticut Organics.

Connecticut Organics has hired an experienced bagged-mulch chief operator with 14 years of training in making high quality bagged products. With his help, we are ready to go to production this fall to be fully stocked with our complete product line.  Our sales team will be out making visits late this summer and fall to better introduce our product lines.

We are so excited to be able to offer you locally sourced, locally made and our premium products in a bag. All of our products are 100% based from the forest resource of the Northeast. We never sacrifice on quality to deliver you the best mulches around.  

Thank you for participating in MANTS 2023!