Hardscrabble Farms

North Salem,  NY 
United States

Hardscrabble Farms is a family run wholesale nursery located in Westchester County, New York. We are an 80 acre facility offering a large selection of  container and B&B evergreens, shade, fruit and flowering trees, shrubs, dwarf conifers, perennials, grasses, groundcovers, ferns and natives. We carry a full range of sizes though are known for our large and specimen sized material. Roughly half of what we sell in our sales yard is grown at our two production farms. Located in the Upper Hudson Valley we have over 1,000 acres of mostly field grown material, along with container nursery stock, that is expertly cared for by our dedicated and skilled crews. Our second production farm located in Dover Plains consists of 25 acres that specializes in one and two gallon perennials, grasses, ground cover and ferns. Hardscrabble's founder is well known for his collection of unique container grown speciality dwarf conifers. We pride ourselves on quality plant material, customer service and our excellent team of talented, knowledgeable staff. 

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