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It’s May. Your designer has a stack of papers on his desk with customers who are expecting designs yesterday.

Your staff are spending hours walking customers around your garden center only for them to go home and think about it.

Customers are coming in daunted by the thought of talking to a designer or they’re not coming in at all.

The season is short, and you want to help as many people as you can.

Enter gardenUP, a garden design platform built to help garden centers with those quick and easy designs that your designer doesn’t have time for.

A user answers 5 simple questions, and is shown suitable designs filtered from our library of more than 200 designs. Each gardenUP design is scalable and instantly purchasable for delivery.

Get an edge on the competition. Close more sales with less effort. Sell full gardens (not single plants).

Talk to the team at gardenUP today.


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  • (Dec 03, 2022)
    Just stop by our both with your business card and be in with a chance to win a free iPad tablet.


  • gardenUP
    gardenUP is an online platform for garden design. A user answers 5 simple questions, and are shown suitable designs filtered from our library of more than 200 designs. Each gardenUP design is scalable and instantly purchasable....

  • Your designer needs help.

    Take those designs they'll never get to and turn them into quick and easy sales allowing them to focus on the designs that need them.

    Your customers need tools...

    Spend less time figuring out the plants they need and more time teaching them about plant care and the type of products they will need for their garden to flourish.

    Your team need tools...

     Gone are the days of X's and O's on napkins and spending hours lining up plants beside each other. Your customers deserve better.


    Get to the point much quicker with uncertain customers.

    Learn what the customer is actually looking for in seconds with simple prompts leading to an array of suitable garden designs and an almost instant estimated cost.


    Sell fewer single plants and more full gardens with add-ons.

    Help your customer find the garden of their dreams in just a few clicks and provide them with everything they need to make that happen before they leave the store. 


    gardenUP is on all the time and is easy to use for anyone. 

    Whether on a tablet in store or on your website, gardenUP can assist your customers at all times of the day/year and give you breathing room when you are short staffed.

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