High Caliper Growing

Oklahoma City,  OK 
United States

     High Caliper Growing was founded as Root Control, Inc. in 1984 and was instrumental in the development of fabric growing containers for the tree nursery industry.  Since that time, we have helped thousands of customers growing millions of plants, in all fifty states and a number of countries worldwide.

      The High Caliper™ Growing System is a high quality - low cost system of tree and shrub production. Featuring our Inground and Above Ground containers, the High Caliper™ Growing System promotes natural pruning of the roots and permits heat release through evaporative cooling, all of which enhances the root growth and structure.  These key attributes translate to improved production methods for the grower, in addition to accelerated yields and greater transplant survival.

     Our Smart Pot  line of products are designed for the home gardeners. These pots deliver the same horticulture benefits as the High Caliper Growing line but are packaged in colorful, informative display cases.

    All of our products are 100% made and source in the USA and we have NO Supply Chain Issues.

    With over 2 million dollars in our inventory, we are ready to ship to you quickly!!

Brands: Root Control Bag™ (RCB) – In Ground Root Control Bag™ (RCB) – Above Ground Pot Pruner Tree Collar Smart Pot PRO Smart Pot™

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