Freestate Farms

Manassas,  VA 
United States

Freestate Farms makes premium landscaping products—compost, topsoil, and mulch—by recycling local food and yard waste.

Brands: Grow Good Compost, Mulch, & Topsoil Blend.


  • Grow Good Compost
    A certified, premium, and local compost that is made from food and yard waste. Use our compost in flower beds, vegetable gardens, and lawns to help them grow faster, healthier and, for some vegetables, larger and tastier. Available in bulk and bags....

  • Grow Good Compost--a certified, premium, and local compost--is made from food and yard waste. The tilling compost is perfect for incorporating into existing soil; the topdressing compost is crafted specifically for topdressing lawns and plant beds each year. Grow Good compost can improve a soil's nutrients, organic matter, and soil structure.

    • Safe for people, pets, plants. No manure. No human waste. No fertilizers. Just the good stuff.
    • Better ingredients, better compost. We add nutrient-rich food scraps to the local yard-waste recipe so you can grow even better.
    • Growing a better, greener future. Farmer-founded to make local soils healthier, grow better plants, and improve our local sustainability.

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