City of Industry,  CA 
United States

NCIF is a world-class manufacturer of woven landscape fabrics and geotextiles.  NCIF is also a trusted supplier of sediment control products and geosynthetics.

Our product line includes weed control fabrics, ground cover fabrics, silt fence, retaining wall reinforcement, driveway fabric, greens covers, and pavement geosynthetics.

We can help the landscape supply distributor with a broad line of high-performance materials.  We can help the contractor and grower choose the most-effective product for any application.

NCIF USA Corp. is proud to have served the nursery industry for several years.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve YOU.  Please reach Dave Snyder, CPESC here in the Mid-Atlantic States - cell 704 907 3893,   Also: Ella Wang - cell 818 612 4557,

Thank you for your attention and consideration.

Brands: GC30 ground cover fabric, TB65 weed control, FB48 fiber back weed control, SF100 silt fence, WS63 shade cloth, SP17 frost protection, W200 & N40 geotextiles, EPDM45 liner, DWB10 sediment filter bag

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