Good's Technology Services

New Holland,  PA 
United States

Good’s Technology Services develops, sells, and supports StoreLIVE!® retail software solution. We are passionate about providing retailers throughout the United States and Canada with an effective software and hardware solution.

We aim to provide systems that are highly reliable and easy to use, and to back these systems with friendly and responsive support. With our real world experience in the retail business, we understand that a system or technology is only as good as the support that accompanies it.

Brands: StoreLIVE!


  • StoreLIVE!
    StoreLIVE! is a full-featured point-of-sale and inventory management system designed for the unique needs of independent small and medium-sized retailers. The system has many flexible features allowing the system to be used in diverse environments....

  • StoreLIVE! Features

    • Robust Reporting
      • Many sales reports
      • Accounting reports
      • Inventory reports
      • Cashier auditing reports
    • Item database supports advanced search, tracking of item information, and detailed pricing information
    • Price / Cost Management
      • Mass Price Change Tool: Change prices based on groups of items by fixed or percentage amounts; schedule the price change
      • Promotion Management: Schedule special promotional pricing
      • Cost Change: Update costs and selling prices, report on margins, import spreadsheets supplied by vendors
    • Vendor Management: Reconcile vendor invoices with items received. Transfer the receiving document to QuickBooks as a payable invoice.
    • Purchasing Tools
    • Print item tags and labels

    Inventory Management Features

    • Full Inventory Tracking Support
    • Purchase Orders
    • Auto Purchase Order Generation based on Min/Max settings
    • Warehouse/Distribution Management
    • Inventory Receiving allows receiving of items with or without a Purchase Order
    • Vendor Invoice Matching to verify received items against Vendor’s Invoice
    • Support for inventory kits or assemblies
    • Customer Sales Orders and Invoices
    • Inventory Counting and Adjustments

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