AFTCO Transition Consultants

Roswell,  GA 
United States
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50 Years Strong (1968-2018)
When success matters . . . you can depend on AFTCO, the oldest and largest dental practice transition consulting firm in the United States. AFTCO offers more than 150 practice transition programs custom designed to provide every dentist with a more secure future and a well-earned Quality of Life.
Let our 50 years of experience provide you with the direction you need to make the most of your future.

AFTCO is the oldest and largest dental practice transition consulting network in the United States. Founded in 1968, AFTCO has analyzed the personal and business needs of thousands of dentists and has aided in purchasing, selling, and merging dental practices throughout the United States.

AFTCO offers over 150 practice transition programs oriented towards the person, not the dentist. Our objectives are to determine the doctor's personal and business needs, select the appropriate program, and successfully implement that program for achieving the doctor’s long-term "Quality of Life" goals. The right program can give new direction and meaning to a doctor's life.

AFTCO is a dual representation firm. It is our belief that "fair" cannot be negotiated, but it can be determined by a knowledgeable, informed and objective third party representing the interest of both parties. This philosophy was responsible for AFTCO developing its business based on "Equitable Transactions through Dual Representation”.

If you want your transaction to be handled comprehensively and in a professional, non-adversarial environment, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.  When success matters, call AFTCO at 800.232.3826.