Mason Capital Partners
Boston,  MA 
United States
(617) 228-5190
  • Booth: 920

Mason Capital Partners was founded in 1978 and is based in Boston.  

We offer custom-managed balanced accounts. We manage money for pension funds, charitable trusts, and high net worth individuals, in particularly professionals in the dental community. We are registered with the SEC. 

Our Investment Process

  • Our approach is income with growth with an emphasis on preservation of capital, diversification, and sensible risk.
  • We do our own research.  We do fundamental research using government filings, press releases, and meetings with over 250 company managements per year.
  • Because we are long-term buy and hold investors, we see ourselves as buying companies, not stocks.  We expect each company to grow their revenues, profits, and dividends where applicable.
  • We exclude companies and industries whose long-term revenue, earnings, and dividend growth are not predictable.   The portfolio excludes event driven or volatile industries and companies.
  • When buying bonds we think of ourselves as lenders and conduct our analysis accordingly.   Our bonds are generally held until maturity.

When we do research, we look for:

  • Qualified management Ttams
  • Balance sheet strength
  • Profitability
  • Solid historical and expected future growth rate
  • Appealing stock valuation
  • Positive management attitude towards shareholders

We utilize a balance strategy, investing in both equities and fixed income securities:

  • 15-30% is invested in fixed income securities including preferred stocks, corporate bonds, and US Treasuries.
  • 20-30% of portfolio is invested in high dividend stocks.
  • 40-50% of portfolio is invested in diversified stocks.
  • Equity securities include large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, international, and some emerging market securities.