NCM Environmental Solutions

Malibu,  CA 
United States
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Leader in odor abatement plans & odor control solutions.

Continuing the success our parent company NCM Odor Control has had in the waste industry where we are widely recognized as the leader in odor control solutions.  NCM Environmental Solutions is a turn-key odor control company, aiding our clients' efforts in being a good neighbor by, providing the cannabis industry with the safest neutralizer on the market (neutralizers come with EPA toxicity reports) while custom designing odor abatement plans and odor dispersion systems.  For facilities that already have or need odor mitigation and are in regions that require scientifically and legally defensible data to ensure the public the correct odor control plan and products are in place we offer a range of air dispersion models that allow us to visually show the concentration of odors released via vent, location of odor control system and dispersion of odor control system neutralizer.  The air models can also been shown in video to show the dispersion of odors and if an odor control system is located in the correct location.  Our goal is to eliminate the our clients odor issues while providing the tools to defend our clients from the public who may oppose an operation.


Greenhouse Exhaust Vent Odor Control System
Vapor Odor Control System