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Ecodyst® is the global leader & innovator of the new generation of rotary evaporators. Using a proprietary innovative self-cooling technology, we've evolved the rotovap to be more efficient, have a smaller footprint, eliminate dry ice & antifreeze, & to be less costly to operate in comparison to traditional rotovaps. Our disruptive technology has set new standards worldwide in chemical, environmental, & pharmaceutical industries, food & beverages as well as cannabis & hemp industries.

Innovative cooling is the heart of the technology and is what enabled us to deliver the most efficient rotovaps in the world, the EcoChyll Evaporator. We offer a turnkey solvent recovery system called the Ecochyll X7 Evaporator specifically for the cannabis industry. It's an innovation on rotary evaporators that solves the bottleneck associated with extraction. Our EcoChyll X7 Solvent Recovery Turnkey Systems come with many customer desired features, as well as faster cool down technology, reaching -20 to -30C within a few minutes. We offer 5 different main sizes, 20, 50, 72, 100 & 200 Liter with evaporation rates ranging from 7 to 70 LPH.

Brands: EcoChyll X5, X7 & X9. Available in 20, 50, 72, 100 & 200 Liter