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Hei from the Nordic vertical farm & greenhouse experts!

Netled offers turn-key vertical farm systems and innovative greenhouse lighting solutions for the cannabis industry. Our passion is to acheive the best performance in the growing process for each of our customers. We come from Finland, where we have persevered through decades of very challenging northern light. And that experience has lead us to create the smartest soultions in horticultural lighting design.

VERTICAL FARM VERA™ provides a complete production system for plant growing. For our customers, we operate as a turn-key technology partner. We provide growing equipment, automation for the successful creation of a plant factory, and maintenance to support the operation. VERA™ has multiple patents granted and pending. VERA™ has many advantages in cannabis production, such as enhancing productivity and saving space in the cloning phase and the full growth cycle.

GREENHOUSE SOLUTIONS include lighting projects from design to delivery and installation, with electrical cabinets. Our products are adjustable, adaptable to any automation system, and provide a desirable range of fixtures to cover the high light intensity needed for cannabis.

Brands: Vertical Farm Vera™, Greenhouse Solutions