QMI Security Solutions

Itasca,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 2035

Stop burglars with QMI physical security barriers

QMI security shutters protect more than 35,000 retailers nationwide including:  16,000+ national pharmacies, 10,000+ cellular retailers, and Jewelry, Liquor, and Optical stores.  QMI adds layers of protection to actually stop burglars from ever gaining entrance.  Cameras and alarms are not deterrents for today's professional organized retail criminals (ORC).  Adding a physical security barrier significantly increases the time and risk for a burglary attempt- causing most would-be burglars to not even try. 

A retailer in Atlanta suffered 28 break-ins during a 2-year period.  They then installed QMI storefront shutter barriers, and have not incurred a single attempted break-in for 5 years now.  Recently, 8 of our protected Houston area stores were attacked by ORC thieves.  All 8 were stopped by the QMI barriers.

QMI has been protecting legal cannabis retailers in CO, WA, OR, PA, and OK.  QMI is a partner who listens to the needs of cannabis growers, medical, and dispensary customers to find a solution to keep your investment safe.  Visit QMI at booth 2035 to discuss our customized approach to securing your facilities.

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