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Buffalo,  NY 
United States
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Specialized HVAC Equipment for Grow Houses

Traditional HVAC units can’t handle grow house facility challenges. Cultiva products balance temperature, humidity, air flow, air filtration and air cleaning. ROBERTS GORDON® infrared heaters provide gentle, even heat-just like the sun. Cultiva Systems Dedicated Indoor Agricultural Systems (DIAS) are long lasting, reliable packaged units, NOT standard HVAC units. These units control provide precise control through each stage and changing dynamic of the grow cycle. Cultiva Vertical Packaged Indoor Heat Pumps offer the same benefits and features of DIAS in a small, powerful unit. These free standing, floor mounted units are available in water or air cooled and are ideal for narrow hallways and low ceilings (8’ height). ROBERTS GORDON® Grow House Infrared Heaters provide gentle, even heat-just like the sun. Soil conditions are improved resulting in better germination, rooting and even plant growth.