Long Beach,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: L12

Welcome to NCIA and TINY e PAPER!

TINY e PAPER makes 100% pure hemp paper in any form and function, with no trees or cotton used, on a commercial scalable basis within a nominal cost increase over its' tree paper version.  We are on a mission to switch every stick of tree paper used in the Hemp & Marijuana spaces to 100% hemp paper, whether it's packaging, labeling receipt rolls, or any other business operational paper. We will even use pre and post extraction waste from CBD extractors to make our paper out of creating a truly self-sustainable business model, which will then help the cannabis industry be an example to the entire world of what can happen when we work together to make big changes to the way we think about our resources and our waste. TINY e is saving the world one plant at at time....join the Hemp Pledge!

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