Rad Source Technologies

Buford,  GA 
United States

Drop by Booth #1703 to learn about Photonic Decontamination

What is "Photonic Decontamination?" - It is a cold process that penetrates the entire flower while ensuring nominal to zero effect on cannabinoids, THC/CBD, terpenes and moisture. With Qaustar technology, our RS 420 Series reduces the possibility of cross-contamination and re-growth of microbs such as mold, mildew, aspergillus.

Rad Source Technologies, an international company established in 1997, located in Atlanta, GA has pioneered the way into x-ray technology for bio-science applications and has utilized its know-how and technical expertise to quickly become the leader in the Cannabis industry for the mitigation of contaminants on the cannabis plant.

Drop by Booth #1703 and say hello.  Bring your questions and concerns about your current process and we will be happy to assist you with information regarding our "RS 420 Series" and what it will do for you and your business!!!

Brands: RS 420, RS 420 M, RS 420 XL