Mike Lomuto

Managing Partner
Dao Mastery Performance


Mike co-founded Dao Mastery, a business development and mentorship program to help Cannapreneurs thrive and grow generational wealth. He draws on two decades of experience in the unregulated and regulated Cannabis industry to build systems crucial to helping businesses sustain over the long haul. He is recognized by his clients and collaborators for his commitment and perseverance.

Mike started in the industry during prohibition, when there was no roadmap. Driven to create one, he has cultivated a unique approach, integrating his experience building businesses in Corporate Wellness, Complementary Currencies, and Traditional Asian Medicine over the last two decades. Along with his partners in Dao Mastery, he now serves as a coach and mentor to other Cannapreneurs.

Mike is deeply committed to creating lasting opportunities in the Cannabis Industry that reach diverse communities nationwide. In 2019, Dao Mastery returned to its roots in Chicago to launch Boost, its business accelerator for Social Equity Applicants. Mike also serves on the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee of the NCIA.

Raised in San Francisco, Mike is proud to be of Thai and Italian descent.


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