Greta Carter

CEO and Partner
Highroad Consulting
United States


When it comes to building a new business empire in the cannabis industry, there are no hands more experienced or accomplished than Greta Carter’s. Beginning her professional management career in traditional business with a 15-year stint in the highly regulated world of banking, Greta successfully launched multiple start-up businesses and managed projects with budgets often exceeding $80 million. Always seeking greater personal challenges, however, Greta resigned her position as a Vice President of Citibank (after 18+ years with the company) to found and build her own multi-million-dollar real estate based business in Jacksonville, FL. It was only after achieving personal professional success in the conventional business world that Greta was drawn to the challenge and activism of the marijuana industry in the mid 2000’s.

Beginning her cannabis career as a prominent activist for intelligent marijuana regulation, Greta founded the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics, Washington’s oldest marijuana trade organization and the industry authority that the State of Washington turned to for feedback and advice when drafting its recreational cannabis use regulations. Greta was also personally instrumental in the drafting of the City of Seattle’s medical marijuana ordinance, and in the drafting of Washington’s outdoor cultivation regulations. Beyond her political contributions to the industry, Greta has directly built and managed multiple medical and recreational marijuana businesses as well. She built and managed The Hope Clinics, a chain of Washington medical clinics that served over 32,000 patients in just 4 years. She also founded and managed one of Washington’s most successful recreational cannabis cultivation facilities, one of the top selling cultivators by sales volume during her tenure. She has also been a guest speaker at multiple major cannabis industry trade shows, been the project manager of teams that have won over a dozen state marijuana licenses.


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