Jigar Patel

NorCal Cannabis


Jigar has been an instrumental leader in the California cannabis industry for almost 20 years. A lifelong advocate for cannabis, Jigar is the founder of four state and locally compliant businesses. He has helped to bring local regulatory compliance to some of the most progressive jurisdictions in California. His depth of California cannabis industry knowledge in a compliant marketplace is one of the essential and steady ingredients in NorCal’s success and growth.

Jigar holds deep respect for the cultural history of cannabis. Originally from the Midwest, he moved to Northern California, the epicenter of cannabis, to work as a cultivator. Working under the auspices of Proposition 215, he became a master of navigating the medicinal market, all the while advocating for the full daylight of legalization. He is also the founder and owner of Jigar Wines, and seamlessly integrates his agricultural experience between wine and cannabis. He joined NorCal in 2017 and brought with him his extensive network of growers and dispensaries throughout the state.

In his role as president, Jigar leads a team of 200+ employees and is integral in almost every facet of NorCal, including real estate sourcing, entitlement, funding, design, build, and operations. His depth of knowledge of the rich history of California cannabis, combined with decades of experience in regulation and cultivation, make him an invaluable and irreplaceable team leader.

"I've been fighting fo this plant basically all my life." -Jigar Patel


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