Charlie Reed

VP of Brand & Sustainability
High Style Brewing
United States


Charlie Reed recently joined High Style Brewing Company, California’s first cannabis-infused craft beverage firm, as VP of Brand & Sustainability. In this role, she is committed to driving meaningful sustainability and impact in both cannabis and craft beer as she continues to blend her love for disruptive business and socio-environmental stewardship. Prior to joining High Style, Charlie worked in environmental management consulting and then went on to be Califia Farms’ first Mission & Impact Manager. There, she led the charge to identify and implement the company’s first holistic impact strategy, revitalized internal employee engagement, and developed the company’s first comprehensive waste reduction initiative, diverting thousands of pallets of product from landfills. She also spearheaded the company’s integrated marketing efforts around plant-based sustainability, Direct Trade coffee supply chains and food justice. Charlie earned her Master’s in Environmental Governance from the University of Oxford and her Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies and Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley.


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