Mr. Vince Ning

Founder & CEO
1222 Harrison St.
Apt. 4404
San Francisco,  
United States


Vince is the Founder and CEO of Nabis, a tech-driven cannabis services group. Vince brings his successful technology background from Silicon Valley into the cannabis space. His previous company scaled to bring several thousand apps to market, and it was eventually bought by Amazon. Prior to that, he worked on engineering teams at Microsoft to help build tools for their financial infrastructure. On a personal and professional level, he is a major proponent of cannabis products, shaping regulation, and scaling the industry from a supply chain perspective. His major areas of focus are bringing a wide variety of products to market compliantly, while ensuring that the cannabis businesses that help in that effort thrive in this highly-regulated environment from an operational and financial perspective. In addition, he serves as a Venture Partner at Pioneer Fund and as an active alumnus of the Y Combinator incubator community, helping provide access to capital for growing startup businesses.


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