Henry Wykowski

Wykowski Law
235 Montgomery St. Ste 657
San Francisco,  
United States


Henry Wykowski is a nationally recognized cannabis attorney and counsel of choice for the most significant challenges facing the industry.

Henry has orchestrated successful representation in the industry’s most important cases, including the forfeiture actions filed by the federal government against Harborside Health Center (the nation’s largest dispensary), and Berkeley Patient's Group (the oldest operating dispensary). Henry has also distinguished himself in the representation of dispensaries in actions brought by the IRS. As counsel in Californians Helping to Alleviate Medical Problems (CHAMP) v. Commissioner, he established important precedents recognizing the right to deduct cost of cannabis sold and limiting the punitive applicability of IRC Sec. 280E. Henry’s legal strategies have assured his clients, and the industry, continued success. His firm represents and advises clients in all areas relating to the cannabis industry.

Henry is a frequent speaker and serves as counsel for many of the most prominent leaders in the industry. A former federal prosecutor, he currently is counsel of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), the California Cannabis Industry Association and the National Cannabis Bar Association.


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