Presentation Submission Guidelines

Preference is given to presentation suggestions on relevant, dynamic topics of most interest to our HCEA members and attendees, such as:

  • Creating / Delivering Value in Congress Channel

  • Understanding the Healthcare Marketing Ecosystem

  • Multi-channel Marketing Integration

  • Attracting and Engaging Multi-Generations of Attendees

  • Personal and Professional Development

  • Submissions that feature new topics or innovative formats such as interactive or experiential sessions, or incorporate technology, will be given priority.

  • Submissions must be educational in nature. We do not accept any product, service or company-related pitches.

  • Individuals may submit more than one proposal, but each proposal must be submitted via a separate submission form.

  • Submissions will be reviewed by the HCEAConnect Education Committee. Each submission is reviewed for applicability, originality and overall content relevancy before any selections are made.

  • HCEA may request a submission be revised to better fit in the conference agenda.

  • Submissions accepted must agree to adhere to a timeline provided by HCEA to submit conference materials, including power point presentations, and supplementary materials in advance of the conference. 

Suggested Topics for HCEAConnect include:

  • GDPR (What, When, Why and Where of it's implications)
  • Regulatory & Compliance Update in Healthcare
  • Update on State Laws and regulations impacting exhibitor booth giveaways/prizes/sponsorships/marketing efforts
  • Healthcare beyond 2019
  • Security Plan for your event
  • How exhibitors and associations have collected data and made improvements based on the data.  Concrete examples would be great!           
  • New innovative and engaging technology available in Healthcare Exhibiting (What’s new, what’s old, what should we be looking for?  See through screens, and the difficulty sourcing them, Robots and how/what they are being used for, etc.)
  • Future of exhibits and what marketing strategies work
  • ROI/ROO or other relevant statistics/data (What are people measuring, how are they using it and how is it being received?  Anecdotal or year in review sessions have their place but it would be great to see a session backed by real data/metrics.)
  • MedTech regulation
  • Design Update - environmental design, other design trends for 2018/2019
  • The Millennial Update (What is the next gen looking at/millennials?  What newer generation of attendee is looking for in a booth?  Traditional vs E-Literature, pre and post show communications (are they a nuisance or a good reminder), etc.)
  • Budgeting and Efficiency (Lean six sigma for exhibits.)
  • Ai and what it mean to Us? (How is Ai changing the landscape of healthcare marketing and or exhibiting?)
  • Exhibiting 101 - intro to exhibits
  • Social media: What’s old (Facebook), what’s new (Instagram) what’s changed and what can we do? Example based session. Could also talk about chat bots and the twitter walls?
  • A historical perspective on exhibiting.
  • How event elements impact your exhibit and how to plan accordingly? (Catering, housing and logistics. What role dot these play in your exhibit plan.)
  • Best in Show? Best booths review. How do Associations award their best booths? How do they review, what criteria are they looking for, etc.
  • Effective communication with your associations.
  • Geocloning Exhibits
  • Lead retrieval in the Wake of GDPR: Several new issues are arriving with the implementation of the GDPR regulations regarding opt in settings on attendee badges. Most notably several large shows have chosen to set the opt in preferences to default as Opted out.   This has led to lost data for individuals who may want information. Additionally per device licensing fees are on the rise leading to higher costs to capture information that is no longer necessarily included on badges. How is this affecting ROI and justifying the exhibit spend?
  • State of the Globe: International politics and How Brexit  and the shifting geopolitical landscape could affect our industry?
  • Leadership - and everchanging teams (change in marketing teams and exhibit staffs) What does booth design communicate about a company (status)

We also encourage other submissions that would benefit attendees coming to HCEA!

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