Anatis Bioprotection

Saint-Jacques-Le-Mineur,  QC 
  • Booth: 908

We produce, sell and distribute biological control agents.

Anatis Bioprotection is a Canadian based company that produces, sells and distributes beneficial insects, predatory mites, nematodes and biopesticides. Most of our products are produced in Canada. We are more than our products, we also provide an expert service. These will meet your needs and build you a solid plan to prevent, detect, identify and control pests in your crops.  Serving horticultural greenhouse and agricultural producers for over 15 years, we want to establish solid relantionships with our customers. We are here for you. Our founder, Silvia Todorova, developed a bio-insecticide based on Beauveria bassiana fungus. It is an enthomopathogenic fungus that sticks to insects, causing infection resulting to death. The ANT-03 strain is naturally present in Canadian soil and attacks several species of invertebrates. BioCeres is used in greenhouse crops. We also have BioTitan that is used in the field. Our bio-insecticides are harmless to bees. Our Cannabis IPM specialist, Claude Robert, has a reputation in his field and speaks at events related to his field of expertise. Get in touch with him for great expertise. 

Brands: BioCeres, BioTitan, Tricho-Gard, Tricho-Pepper, Tricho-Corn, Tricho-Fruits