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Star-Oddi is a manufacturer of subsea data logger series including sensors as depth/pressure, temperature, salinity/conductivity, tilt angle, acceleration and compass heading. The Starmon loggers have the benefits of a fast response temperature probe, large memory, and long life replaceable battery. Robust and durable instrumentation suitable for long-term measurements at moorings for oceangraphic studies, analysing movements of underwater equipment and robots or attached to fishing gear for recording time-series data on fishing depth and environmental parameters such as salinity and sea-temperature. In the DST series a small CTD salinity logger is available, easy to mount to gear. Besides the logging version it is possible to buy a CTD online version that streams salinity, temperature and depth data into user's own embedded system. CTD online is supplied with a subsea cable that connects the sensor to the underwater device, for example an AUV. An application software is supplied with the loggers where the time-series data is displayed in a graph and table. The time-series data can be exported and opened in other programs. Website:

Brands: Salinity, temperature and depth loggers; DST CTD and DST CTD online. Temperature and depth logger; Starmon TD. Temperature, depth and tilt logger; Starmon tilt. Compass heading logger; DST magnetic.

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