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We are Measuring the World's Water

TSK has been working to provide the water quality monitoring system for more than 90th years since 1928 and contributed the environmental study. TSK products include a wide range of instruments designed specifically to support the study of the water environment. They include eXpendable probes and various launchers for probes, analyzing system, water quality monitoring systems, laboratory salinometer, Wave height meter, and plankton net, etc.TSK’s  state of the art technology is Deep Argo float called” Deep Ninja “ which is capable of the observation up to 4,000 m deep sea. TSK can provide the total system such as data transmission systems, recording systems. Those are well performed without being influenced by external factors and environmental conditions.

TSK Brand products are followings, 
- eXpendable probe for Temperature and Conductivity :XCTD
- Airborne eXpendable probe : AXCTD
- Automatic Launcher system : AL12
- Electric Winch :TS-F winch series
- Deep Argo Float for 4000m depth : Deep Ninja
- Salinometer : DIGI-AUTO Model 6 
- Plankton Net :VMPS3000

Brands: *XCTD (eXpendable CTD), *AXCTD (Airbone XCTD), * Deep Ninja *AL12 (Automatic Launcher system) : Electric Winch :TS-F winch, etc.

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