Andy Joseph

General Manager
Apeks Supercritical


Andy is the founder and president of Apeks Supercritical, a leading CO2 extraction system manufacturer, established in 2001 in Johnstown, OH. He is an engineer and skilled fabricator with experience in engineering and operations management. Andy and his team continually work to improve the processes and capabilities of Apeks Supercritical systems to increase processing efficiency for faster extractions requiring less energy consumption.

Andy is the inventor of five patents, including the Valveless Expansion Technology featured on all Apeks CO2 extraction systems. He received his bachelor’s and master’s of science degree in Welding Engineering from The Ohio State University.

Andy founded Apeks Supercritical while serving as the Director of Welding and Testing Labs for Edison Welding Institute (EWI), developers of manufacturing technologies. He first learned about mechanical operations and principles during his six years in the Navy operating nuclear submarine reactors. He is a two-time Navy Achievement Medal recipient.


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