Casey Leaver

Compliance Manager
Vicente Sederberg LLP
2 Seaport Lane, 11th Floor
United States


Casey Leaver is the Compliance Manager at Vicente Sederberg LLP. She is responsible for assisting clients with understanding rules, regulations and guidance for establishing and operating a compliant marijuana business. She regularly conducts on-site facility audits to ensure compliance with state regulations prior to and at the time of regulatory inspections. She frequently attends inspections with state regulators and conducts facility audits to prepare clients for licensing inspections and maintain compliance post-licensure. She is focused on the prevention of disciplinary action, maintaining a compliant marijuana establishment and acting as a liaison between clients and the Cannabis Control Commission. Similarly, Casey assists licensees to navigate and prepare appropriate responses to notices of violations, deficiencies and enforcement action.

As her view of compliance and role are all-encompassing, Casey prepares clients for a compliant and efficient business from the outset, starting with application material review, input on facility layouts as well as development of policies and procedures, training and education materials. In addition, Casey conducts reviews of labels, packaging, advertising, marketing, social media posts, and website design.

Prior to joining VS, Casey worked as a Special Investigations and Compliance Manager for the background check company awarded the contract with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Medical Marijuana Program and later the Cannabis Control Commission, conducting in-depth investigations on behalf of the Commonwealth as well as marijuana businesses. She also led due diligence and security consulting investigations, including risk evaluations, workplace violence investigations and vulnerability assessments. Her experience provides a well-rounded view of investigations and suitability in the marijuana industry from both regulator and licensed operator perspectives.


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