Chris Jackson

Government and Legislative Affairs/Social Equity Lead
1090 N. Huron River Drive
United States


Chris Jackson is a partner with the Sticky brand, a vertically integrated cannabis operation that is rapidly expanding in his home state of Michigan. He is the company’s leader of Government and Legislative Affairs, Social Equity, and serves as its Community Benefits Liaison and Social Equity Lead. His efforts were recognized recently when he was selected as a member of Oakland County’s 40 under 40.

Chris witnessed how cannabis prohibition directly impacted urban America and is dedicated to reversing the negative damage caused. He is a member of various state and local boards that contribute to economic power and initiatives to drive diversity and inclusion. Chris serves on the State Regulations Committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association and co-chairs its Diversity and Inclusion sub-committee. His knowledge spans the complex intertwining of governmental and business cannabis issues, while also remaining at the forefront of the pressing interstate commerce issues in cannabis.

Chris co-founded a social equity company that contributes to building ordinances, national licensee applications, while directly working with state legislators on cannabis industry policy. His expertise surrounds understanding community benefits and needs. Chris’s deep understanding of the intersection of social equity and community benefits serves to propel the movement of these two separate foundational philosophies and purposes.


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