Charlie McKenzie

Director of Partnerships
CropWalk & CropTalk
1425 Sassafras Lane
United States


I am a former grower and proud UGA bulldawg horticulture graduate.

After managing a “big-box” twenty acre bedding plant greenhouse operation and selling plants to Home Depot and Costco, I entered the cannabis industry and spent time managing a 90,000 square foot, high CBD greenhouse and 15 acre hemp outdoor operation in Colorado.

During my time as a grower, I found that consulting with other growers on production efficiency, cultivation practices and the implementation of integrated pest management, was my ultimate passion.

I currently focus my time on the two companies I co-founded in 2018; CropWalk, an integrated pest management audit service and Bioculture Group LLC, a high-value crop consultancy firm.

I also host CropTalk, the podcast for agricultural leaders. It features innovative members of the agricultural community who share their success stories, challenges and journey to produce quality crops and run successful businesses.

#startcleanstayclean is the mantra I live by and what CropWalk is all about.

My team and I at Bioculture Group LLC advised clients that grew over 550 acres of high CBD hemp, in four states, during the 2019 season.

In my opinion, family is just as important, if not more important, than farming.

I am a proud husband to Elizabeth and father to Gabriel and Dahlia.

They are the reason that I am so passionate about working to fill our future with clean food, clean flowers and clean medicine.


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