Jake Heimark

Plus Products


After working at Facebook and a startup called Gumroad, Jake Heimark knew he wanted to start his own business. Jake’s “aha” moment came in 2015 when a friend sent him a link to the 60 Minutes piece on cannabis and suggested he look at this completely new and undefined market.

He discovered that there is no stereotypical “stoner”. In fact, many people who consume cannabis as medicine or recreationally are not into smoking. They are active, run marathons or go to the gym every day, and most are not interested in ingesting a high-calorie edible that can take hours to take effect.

Jake launched Plus Products in December 2015 to satisfy the market demand for delicious and discreet, fast-acting and low calorie cannabis infused edibles. Plus initially came onto the market with a cannabis infused gum and has since expanded its product line to include gummies.

Fast forward to 2019, the cannabis-infused product manufacturer has seen amazing demand for its gummy products and has built a facility with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to increase production capacity in California.


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