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Menifee,  CA 
United States
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I have over 50 years of Motocross Experience riding and racing so I decided to develop and make an Electric MX Motocross Lift Stand for your dirt bike needs, experiences and convenient in electric easy lifting technology that would perform best for the rider and racers after racers or riding session. EZ Lift MX is a new way to lift your MX dirt bike with no effort and display your motocross number, and sponsors to the world of motocross and industry. I personally care about the motocross families who greatly support our sport and industry. My goal is to help our motocross industry for New Growth opportunities in modern technology that’s available. EZ Lift MX have made it easier than ever to lift your motocross dirt bike with easy at home or at the tracks.

Brands: EZ Lift All Made in the USA. The future of motocross dirt bike stands they are now electric powered stand.


EZ Lift 2022


  • EZ Lift Electric Motocross Dirt Bike Stand
    EZ Lift is the future of motocross bike stands the are electric powered dirt bike stand....

    • Best EZ Lift MX Bike Stand
    • High Quality Parts
    • Smooth Performance
    • Made in USA
    • EZ Lift 400 lbs
    • Industry Quality High Grade Aluminum Frame
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty
    • Easy Padels UP & DOWN system
    • 6” Elevation Motor Lift