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Check out this #1 TIRE TOOL BRAND in the world!

We serve Powersports Dealers with compact portable tire changers from the #1 tire tool brand in the industry - RABACONDA. It's a premium brand with very high-quality products, that is known for Dirt Bike tire tools, but also serving Street and ADV bikes. In 2023 we're launching an ATV/UTV tire changer. Sign up to be first to hear about this!

If you run a powersports dealership or a works shop, check out our range of portable tire tools!

Rabaconda is the U.S. ISDE Team's tool of choice since 2013. Used by Taylor Robert, Kailub Russell, Ryan Sipes, Becca Sheets, Steward Baylor, Ben Kelley, Brandy Richards, Josh Toth, Mike Brown and countless other pros.

Testimonial: “We have been working with Rabaconda since 2016 and they are great! Very good to work with and their product is top of the line” Jeff Barnes, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC 

See information here: https://us.rabaconda.com/ 

Dealer sign up here: https://us.rabaconda.com/pages/dealer-signup-usa 

For more questions contact us via LinkedIn Messaging or at sales@rabaconda.com 

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Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer

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    Rabaconda releases a compact portable tire changer aimed for street, cruiser, and sport bike tires - the Street Bike Tire Changer


    Rabaconda has launched a Street Bike Tire Changer, an innovative tool enabling mechanics and riders to change their tires fast and efficiently. The tool is aimed at smaller workshops and mechanics working away from the shop floor at races and other events.

    The Street Bike Tire Changer promises to be a game changer for motorcycle owners and workshops: a portable tire changer that offers excellent ergonomics and a comfortable operating position, it allows one to swap tires on motorcycles with cast, forged, and wire-spoked wheels in no time.

    As a unique innovative design, this tool is simple to set up and pack away in a small carry-bag, there is no need to mount it to the floor, and is also much safer in operation compared to industrial tire machines. The Street Bike Tire Changer is adaptable to wheel sizes between 12-21” and for tires up to 250 mm wide. It is perfect for both single and double-sided swingarms and works on V-Twins, cruisers, tourers, sport-tourers, street bikes, adventure bikes, cafe racers, scramblers, and just about everything in between.

    Having sold over 30,000 Adventure Bike Tire Changers and 3-Minute Mousse Changers in the dirt biking, motocross, enduro, rally, and adventure riding world to date, we set out to design a tool for street riders, too. We developed the Street Bike Tire Changer with extra rim protection in mind and designed adapters for different wheel sizes so we can accommodate all riders. We’re already receiving positive feedback from motorcycle owners globally with sold units counting four figures already”, shares Jakob Saks, co-founder of Rabaconda.

    Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer

    The Street Bike Tire Changer is now available online

    To see the product for yourself and test it out, come by the Rabaconda booth at AIMExpo where the team will be showcasing the Street Bike Tire Changer and other tire-changing tools and accessories.

    For more information, visit street.rabaconda.com.


    About Rabaconda

    Rabaconda is a manufacturer of portable tire tools for the powersports industry. Founded in 2012, Rabaconda has since become the official choice for the AMA (American Motorcycling Association) Six Days of Enduro teams as well as world-famous riders like Cody Webb, Taylor Robert, Ryan Sipes, and countless other top riders in the US. 

    In addition to being the top-drawer choice for tire-changing tools among everyday adventure, dirt, and street motorcycle riders, Rabaconda is the #1 choice at professional races and in workshops.


  • Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer
    Street Bike Tire Changer - a portable compact tire changer to be used from V-twins, cruisers, tourers to sport bikes, etc. The tool is aimed at smaller workshops and mechanics working away from the shop floor at races and other events....

  • The Street Bike Tire Changer is designed for cast wheels and wire-spoked wheels. It’s adaptable to different wheel sizes, has great ergonomics at low weight, and is perfect for both single and double-sided swingarms. With Rabaconda, you can swap tires in no time whether you’re servicing customer's bikes or hitting the track.

    You’ll love it because the Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer will:

    1. Empower you to change tires whenever and wherever you need to
    2. Allow you to work away from your workshop
    3. Safe alternative to the industrial tire machine
    4. Help you break the tire bead or dimount/mount a tire without damaging it – or scratching the rims

    Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer Specs:

    1. Works on 12-21” wheels and on tires up to 250mm wide
    2. Wheel hub diameter: 20 - 32 mm
    3. Special adaptors for Ducati, Triumph, BMW’s large hubs on single sided swing arms
    4. Weight: 28.6 lbs (13 kg)
    5. Carry-bag dimensions: 27.5 x 11 x 9.8 inches (70 x 28 x 25 cm)
    6. Materials: galvanized steel frame, plastic mounting head, wheel supports and bead breaker cover