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Spectro Performance Oils – The Best Oil On Planet Earth.

Spectro Performance Oils has engineered motorcycle and powersports lubricants since 1966, that's over 57 years! Spectro Oils is your one stop shop, carrying any fluid for any bike, from engine oils to transmission oils, fork fluids, chain care products, brake fluids and more. Spectro Oils uses only the highest quality base oils and additive packages to ensure superior lubrication for all applications. Please visit www.spectro-oils.com to find out why Spectro Performance Oils is The Best Oil On Planet Earth.

Brands: Golden Spectro, Spectro 4, Spectro Heavy Duty, Spectro Scooter, Spectro SX, Spectro 2T, Spectro Offroad, Spectro ATV, Spectro Sno, Motor-Guard


Motorex USA, Inc Acquires Spectro Performance Oils

 Press Releases

  • MOTOREX USA INC, the US-affiliate of Swiss-based MOTOREX GROUP, has agreed with Intercontinental Lubricants Corporation from Brookfield CT to acquire the SPECTRO PERFORMANCE OILS business. The deal includes all national and international activities as well as the blending and storage facility in Brookfield CT and will be effective by February 20, 2023.

    “We’ve long had a great relationship with MOTOREX, so when this deal was first discussed it felt like a natural next step for our business. MOTOREX has a great respect, appreciation, and understanding of the SPECTRO brand and its goals for the future. With their planned investments and upgrades to our manufacturing facility in Brookfield, and with the support of their impressive R&D laboratory in Langenthal, the future is bright for SPECTRO and MOTOREX, both in the US, and worldwide.”

    “This is a carefully considered and important step for our long-term oriented family-owned company. We are proud to strengthen the group’s portfolio with a traditional and well-established US brand. SPECTRO and MOTOREX are both strong and complementary brands within the Powersport market.”

    “Moreover, the company hub in Brookfield will also support our business activities in other sectors such as industrial fluids or biodegradable hydraulic oil. This will also allow us to produce more goods made in the US, ensure closer support to our distributors, and improve supply and customer service.”

    For more information, do not hesitate to contact spectro@motorex.com.

    The company Intercontinental Lubricants Corporation is based in Brookfield Connecticut and is widely known under its brand name SPECTRO PERFORMANCE OILS. The company was founded in 1966 by Robert H. Wehman, an engineer with decades of experience in the specialized field of two-cycle automotive lubricants. Soon after, Spectro entered the motorcycle market, becoming a brand with a rich heritage and an excellent reputation in the aftermarket motorcycle sector in the US and worldwide. Spectro has been family owned and operated for 57 years over 3 generations, currently under the leadership of the founder’s grandson, Alex Josefson.

    For more information please consult www.spectro-oils.com.

    MOTOREX USA INC is the US-affiliate of the Swiss-based MOTOREX-BUCHER GROUP AG. The company was founded in 1917 and is still owned by the founding Bucher family. Today, MOTOREX is a globally active manufacturer of lubricants, clean and care products with 400 employees and more than 2,500 formulations. The MOTOREX field of activities includes the motorcycle and bicycle industry, metalworking fluids, lubricants for heavy-duty applications, and specifically the field of environmentally acceptable lubricants (EAL). MOTOREX has been present in the US market for more than 25 years. The company has production facilities in Switzerland, USA, France, and Poland.

    For general information, please consult www.motorex.com or for information about metalworking fluids and bicycle products, please consult www.eurolineusa.com.