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Laredo,  TX 
United States
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Welcome Dealers and all riders of all ages!

Torque Off-Road is an American company located in Texas; all go-karts are designed and assembled in the USA.  We have developed an exceptional and genuinely off-road go-kart.  Torque Off-Road go-kart features a 390cc Honda engine or a 440 Kohler engine with a 3-years manufacturer warranty.  In addition, we have the only go-kart with a chassis-mounted engine, producing a super smooth ride.

Dealers opportunities! We offer high-profit margins, fully assembled units, and free delivery in USA with a purchase of 8 units. 


Torque Off-Road Go-kart

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  • (Jan 31, 2023)
    FREE delivery with the purchase of 8 Units

 Press Releases

  •  Torque Off-Road go-karts are the new safer way to enjoy a ride on the dirt.  Thru the years of selling go-karts and other major motorcycle brands at his business Laredo Powersports, Kenni Smartt realixed that hter was a lot of room for improvement in the go-kart market.  We needed a  more relible product, so he took on the challenge, and ten years later, Kenni and Paul Hammerstrom, talented USA engineer, accomplished their goal.

    Kenni and Paul found signifact problems in the go-kart industry; some were the suspension and placement of the engine.  For example, other go-karts have a suspension that causes the kart's rear to lift during acceletarion, causing the supension to lock out and stiffen, producing an uncomfortable ride.  Also, other brands mount the engine to the swingarm, which makes things even worse. We designed our rear suspention with the engine mounted solidly to the chassis. The DSS (Dynamic Suspention System) geometry of the TQ440 rear suspension keeps it dynamic over bumps during acceleration, giving it a smooth and comfortable ride.  

    Torque Off-Road is a Texas based company that offers quality go-karts, intending to change the go-kart market mentality because of poor products from certain foregn coutries. 


  • TQ440LS Go-Kart
    Torque Off-Road TQ440LS Go-Kart is a two-sitter go-kart with a 429cc Kohler engine, and it is suitable for any ten year old kid to any 6'4" tall adult. First high-performance off-road go-kart. Made in America with some foreign parts....

  • Engine:  Kohler Engine 429cc and a peak torque of 30.8nm.  Speed:  30MPR depending on terrain and load.  Suspension:  Swingarm Rear Suspension with Dynamic Suspencion System (DSS).  Warranty: 3 years with Kohler engine, 1 year on manufacture defects on the rest of the vehicle.  Fuel:  Pump octane rating 86 or higher.  Engine Oil:  SAE 10W-30.  Battery: CH 20-BS  Tire sise 21x&x10  Maximum Capacity: 500LBS  Speed Limiter  Accessible Charging Port  Ground Clearence 6in  Driver and passanger adjustable seats  50in width fits in most pickup trucks.