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Welcome to our booth! Please visit us to discover our HUD.

Eyelights is the augmented reality solution for mobility.

Come to our booth to discover EyeRide, our second-generation Head-up display compatible with all types of helmets and glasses: GPS, Intercom, and music in your field of sight, controlled by voice control.

By offering a more secure alternative to the use of the phone mounted on the handlebars, this head-up display displays applications and GPS navigation directly in your field of vision by being integrated into your motorcycle helmet.

The Nano Oled display also offers 100% transparency and vibrant colors so you can keep your attention on the road. Since our first launch in 2016, we have brought 3 heads-up displays to the market (2 for motorcycles and 1 for cars).

Based on our experience, we have selected world-class partners to reduce production time and provide the best product quality.


EyeRide - Head-Up Display

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  • EyeRide, Simplify Your Ride.


    What is the EyeRide

    Compatible with most helmets on the market, EyeRide is a new generation HUD (head-up display) that simplifies your rides by displaying your maps, calls & songs in your helmet using the latest colorful, bright, and smallest OLED HD screen.

    EyeRide is the second generation Helmet Mounted Display with nano-Oled technology. The HUD was launched in 2020: EyeLights sold 15 000 devices across the US, Europe, and Japan. 


    EyeRide is an all-in-one device that combines a head-up display, GPS, a hands-free kit, and voice command to keep your attention on the road ahead.

    Simply connect EyeRide to your smartphone using Bluetooth to display your apps like Maps (Apple, Google or Waze), Music (Apple, Spotify, etc.), calls, and more, in front of you. 

    Enjoy high-definition detailed maps combined with spoken directions, all without looking down at your handlebars or getting distracted by your smartphone. Getting where you need to go while enjoying your ride has never been easier! 

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    Thibaut Aglioni, Chief Communication Officer – Eyelights : thibaut@eye-lights.fr


  • EyeRide
    EyeRide simplifies every biker's journey by displaying GPS navigation(Waze, Maps, etc) & music(Spotify, Apple Music, etc) in your helmet using the latest OLED screen technology and forces you to keep your attention on the road!...

  • Unique in the world, this patented Head-up Display technology has already been adopted by many motorcyclists who no longer have to lower their heads to look at their smartphone, saving reaction time estimated at 4.3 seconds! Designed by the company's engineers, the device offers maximum comfort and a unique sound and visual experience.

    Compatible with all smartphones, EyeRide is a head-up display that can be easily installed on all helmets on the market (full-face, convertible, jet). A complete solution that includes: the optical module with exclusive EyeLights technology, the audio kit (the flat headphones, plus the directional microphone), as well as the new Bluetooth 5.0 remote control that attaches to the handlebar.

    EyeRide simplifies every biker's journey by displaying maps, calls, and music in your helmet using the latest OLED screen technology and forces you to keep your hands on the handlebars and your attention on the road!

    And to simplify communication on the road, EyeRide has noise cancellation technology with a directional microphone allowing clear recordings, even with open helmets. The audio connection remains crystal clear at any distance.