HORIBA Instruments, Inc.

United States
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Solid/bulk/surface, particle size & zeta potential analyses

HORIBA Scientific offers products for solids samples analysis with EMIA C/S Analyzers that measure gases extracted during combustion in a programmable High Frequency furnace directly with no conversion; EMIA-PRO offers Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) measurement capabilities; EMGA O/N/H Analyzers offer high precision analysis of materials: micro-quantity to high-concentration samples and innovative automation, Glow Discharge spectrometers for fast, simultaneous analysis of elements for thin film characterization and process studies and ICP-OES spectrometers which are ideal for applications common to mining, chemicals manufacture, salt production, wear metals in oil analysis, petrochemical, metallurgical production and precious metal refining. We also offer high performance instruments for particle characterization including size, shape, surface area and zeta potential analysis, elemental and chemical composition, with essential tools for every step of the process, from discovery to formulation to QC; API and excipient characterization, blend uniformity, contaminant ID, etc. Check out our Camsizers, ViewSizers and Partica Series

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